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Image by Papaioannou Kostas
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Google Swag Appreciation

Thank you for your continued partnership with Google. 
Please select one item below as a Thank You from the CDW/ Google team. We appreciate your support! 

Please make your selection at your earliest convenience, limited time offerings. 

Limited to one item per team member.

Choose One Color Pattern from the Selection Below

Google logo, Google Sydney Office_edited.jpg

Shoe Option 1

Air Force 1's - Yellow Bottom


Google Branded Women's Clothing Options

Women's Jacket Option 1

Always Effortless Jacket

Womens - Always Effortless Jacket Front.webp
Womens - Always Effortless Jacket Back.webp

Google Branded Men's Clothing Options

white and purple button up shirt_edited.jpg

Men's Clothing Option 1

Golf Half Zip Windbreaker 

Screenshot 2024-03-27 115806.png
Screenshot 2024-03-27 115835.png
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