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Trend & Tenable Hands-on
Purple T
eam Challenge (in-person)

Wednesday, August 23rd, and Thursday, August 24th, 2023 (see agenda below for details)

Trend Micro Chicago Office | 444 W. Lake Street, 23rd Fl., Chicago, IL 60606

Calling all CDW Solutions Architects

It's time to put your cyber security knowledge to the test! We've created a hands-on, fun and powerful day specifically for you to fine-tune your skills and test the boundaries of your knowledge base when it comes to Trend Vision One™.

Please set your typical daily tasks aside and gain spectacular insight from both a red- and blue-team perspective... increasing your team's readiness to teach customers how to easily gain better visibility and response time.

Learn how Vision One: 

Brings visibility to tactics & techniques used by hackers.


Helps remediate vulnerability and identify infrastructure security gaps.


Enables customers to plan and implement security measures to respond to threats.

WHAT YOU NEED: Your Own Laptop 


Day One: Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023

11:00AM - 12:30PM |

Lunch & Learn
Required; 1-hour prep session & complimentary lunch.

12:30PM -   4:30PM |

Purple Team Challenge - Vision One 
All participants will be awarded a Purple Team Challenge Badge (Credly). Challenge winners will receive additional prizes!

  5:00PM -   7:00PM |

Post Event Celebration & Activity 
Details to follow

Day Two: Thursday, August 24th, 2023

9:00AM - 12:00PM |

Breakfast & Learn
Tenable One & CDW Services

Parting Gift

Fly Home

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